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Adobe Fresco


Now the canvas is no limit for the artists who want to portray their art. Portray your art digitally with Adobe Fresco. Adobe Stylus is built for the latest stylus and touch devices. Adobe Fresco delivers an entirely realistic painting and drawing experience by bringing together the world’s most extensive collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary new live brushes. Fresco is for artists, illustrators, animators, skechers, or anyone who wants to discover or rediscover the art of enjoying the painting.

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Brilliant Brushes

  • Work with watercolors and oils that blend at your touch and use vector and raster brushes on the same canvas. 
  • Fresco gives you the world’s largest and advanced selection of brushes, including brushes from Adobe Photoshop and celebrated master Kyle T. Webster.

Less work, more Artwork

  • Better and faster tools for stylus and touch devices.
  • Isolate parts of a layer to select a particular part.
  • Customize your UI for left- or right-handed drawing. 
  • Work in full-screen mode to eliminate distractions.

World is your Studio

  • Start a project on the iPad and finish it on your desktop.
  • Sync your work automatically to the cloud. Your work will exactly be the same on every device.
  • With Creative Cloud integration, your brushes, fonts, Adobe Stock, and library assets are just a few clicks or taps away.

Adobe Fresco and Photoshop on the iPad

  • Use Adobe Fresco and Photoshop to combine images, retouch Artwork, add text, and create with layers.
  • Anything you create will get auto-saved in the cloud when you are online.
  • You can work on your projects in either of the apps.

Clipping Masks

  • Add textures, colors, patterns, and other visual elements.
  • Add the elements within the boundaries of a shape or illustration by clipping layers together and using one layer as a mask.

No Layer Limits

  • Explore unlimited layers to add more ideas to your work.
  • Experiment with effects, blending modes, transparency, and color.

Enhanced Cloud Documents

  • Access your cloud documents on any device and in Photoshop on desktop and iPad.
  • Access your version history and respond to the reviewer’s comments inside Adobe Fresco on iPad and Windows.

Text Layers and Adobe Fonts

  • Add and edit text layers to design with text.
  • Use your fonts of free offerings from Adobe Fonts with a free Adobe Fresco plan.
  • Get everything in Adobe Fonts with a paid plan for iPad only.


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